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API Fundamentals

Neutrino API is a "RESTful" style API and will accept request parameters as either HTTP GET or HTTP POST

When sending API requests as HTTP POST we accept two content types:

The API is case agnostic, meaning "user-id", "userId" and "user_id" are all treated as the same.
You can set the response case style using the output-case option (see below)

Required Parameters

All API requests must have at least the following parameters:

user-idYour user ID
api-keyYour API key

Structured Responses

Most APIs will return structured data, you can set these optional output parameters:

output-format Which data format the API should respond with, can be either:
  • JSON (default)
  • XML
output-case The case style to respond with:
  • kebab (default)
  • camel
  • snake

Binary Responses

Some APIs can return binary and text based formats, such as: PNG, PDF, MP3, HTML, SVG

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