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API Fundamentals

Neutrino API is RESTful style API and will accept request parameters as either HTTP GET or HTTP POST

Required Parameters

API requests must have at least the following parameters:

user-idYour user ID
api-keyYour API key

Structured Responses

Most APIs return JSON or XML, you can set these optional output parameters:

output-format Which data format the API should respond with, can be either:
  • JSON (default)
  • XML
output-case The case style to respond with:
  • kebab (default)
  • camel
  • snake

Binary Responses

Some APIs can return binary and text based formats, such as: PNG, PDF, MP3, HTML, SVG

API Specification

API specifications allow you to use a range of different tools to automatically generate documentation, source code for clients and servers, test scripts and various other useful things. They provide a standardized definition of a RESTful API.

We support the Swagger and API Blueprint specifications:

Swagger Spec JSON

Swagger Spec YAML

API Blueprint Spec