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Phone Verify

Make an automated call to any valid phone number and playback a unique security code.

Use this API to verify personal details, help reduce fraud and in authentication systems for implementing multi-factor (MFA and 2FA) authentication. Supply your own security code for use in TOTP systems (the most common standard for 2FA implementations) or let us auto generate a secure random code. To then verify a delivered code you can either implement this on your side or use use the verify security code endpoint.

The telephony APIs can operate in two modes, you can place your calls using our VOIP service or your can provide your own SIP trunk. Using your own SIP trunk allows you to use your own DIDs. You can also setup voice mail and any other features your VOIP service provider might have.

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To enable unrestricted use of this API you must have a verified account.

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End Point

Test API
API Request
numberyesstringThe phone number to send the verification code to
code-lengthnointeger6The number of digits to use in the security code (between 4 and 12)
security-codenointegerPass in your own security code. This is useful if you have implemented TOTP or similar 2FA methods. If not set then we will generate a secure random code
playback-delaynointeger800The delay in milliseconds between the playback of each security code
country-codenostringISO 2-letter country code, assume numbers are based in this country.
If not set numbers are assumed to be in international format (with or without the leading + sign)
language-codenostringenThe language to playback the verification code in, available languages are:
  • de - German
  • en - English
  • es - Spanish
  • fr - French
  • it - Italian
  • pt - Portuguese
  • ru - Russian
limitnointeger3Limit the total number of calls allowed to the supplied phone number, if the limit is reached within the TTL then error code 14 will be returned
limit-ttlnointeger1Set the TTL in number of days that the 'limit' option will remember a phone number (the default is 1 day and the maximum is 365 days)
API Response
callingbooleanTrue if the call is being made now
number-validbooleanTrue if this a valid phone number
security-codestringThe security code generated, you can save this code to perform your own verification or you can use the Verify Security Code API
API Performance
Avg Latency20msAverage RTT for requests within the same data center/region
Max Rate2/secondMaximum inbound request rate. Exceeding this will result in request throttling
Max Concurrency10Maximum concurrent/simultaneous requests. Exceeding this will result in error code 06 [TOO MANY CONNECTIONS]

API Example
curl https://neutrinoapi.net/phone-verify \ --header "User-ID: <your-user-id>" \ --header "API-Key: <your-api-key>" \ --data-urlencode "number=+12106100045" \ --data-urlencode "country-code=" \ --data-urlencode "security-code=" \ --data-urlencode "language-code=en" \ --data-urlencode "code-length=6" \ --data-urlencode "limit=3" \ --data-urlencode "playback-delay=800" \ --data-urlencode "limit-ttl=1"
{ calling: true, number-valid: true, security-code: "515059" }