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Geocode Address

Geocode an address, partial address or just the name of a place.

Address geocoding is the process of taking a string and attempting to match this with possible real world locations. This is the opposite process of reverse geocoding. Once a location is found you can then retrieve the geographic coordinates as latitude and longitude. If more than one location is found for a given string then results are ordered by most relevant to the original search address and with the highest geographic accuracy.

Use this API to:
If your address data is already split into its individual components (street, city, suburb etc.) we recommend you pass this as a comma separated string to the address parameter.

End Point

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API Request
addressyesstringThe address, partial address or name of a place to try and locate
country-codenostringThe ISO 2-letter country code to be biased towards (the default is no country bias)
language-codenostringenThe language to display results in, available languages are:
  • de, en, es, fr, it, pt, ru
fuzzy-searchnobooleanfalseIf no matches are found for the given address, start performing a recursive fuzzy search until a geolocation is found. This option is recommended for processing user input or implementing auto-complete. We use a combination of approximate string matching and data cleansing to find possible location matches
API Response
foundintegerThe number of possible matching locations found
locationsarrayArray of matching location objects:
latitudefloatThe location latitude
longitudefloatThe location longitude
addressstringThe fully formatted address
address-componentsmapThe components which make up the address such as road, city, state, etc
citystringThe city of the location
statestringThe state of the location
countrystringThe country of the location
country-codestringThe ISO 2-letter country code of the location
country-code3stringThe ISO 3-letter country code of the location
currency-codestringISO 4217 currency code associated with the country
postal-codestringThe postal code for the location
location-typestringThe detected location type ordered roughly from most to least precise, possible values are:
  • address - indicates a precise street address
  • street - accurate to the street level but may not point to the exact location of the house/building number
  • city - accurate to the city level, this includes villages, towns, suburbs, etc
  • postal-code - indicates a postal code area (no house or street information present)
  • railway - location is part of a rail network such as a station or railway track
  • natural - indicates a natural feature, for example a mountain peak or a waterway
  • island - location is an island or archipelago
  • administrative - indicates an administrative boundary such as a country, state or province
location-tagsarrayArray of strings containing any location tags associated with the address. Tags are additional pieces of metadata about a specific location, there are thousands of different tags. Some examples of tags: shop, office, cafe, bank, pub
timezonemapMap containing timezone details for the location:
  • id - the time zone ID as per the IANA time zone database (tzdata)
  • name - the time zone name
  • abbr - the time zone abbreviation
  • date - the current date within the time zone (ISO format)
  • time - the current time within the time zone (ISO format)
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