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A powerful unit conversion tool.

Convert currency using an up-to-date international currency feed.
Convert most known measurement types: imperial, metric, mass, length, temperature, time (and more).
The converter will accept full unit names as well as unit abbreviations (e.g. millimeter and mm)

Currently support currencies:

AUD - Australian Dollar
BHD - Bahraini Dinar
BRL - Brazilian Real
BTC - Bitcoin
CAD - Canadian Dollar
CHF - Swiss Franc
CLP - Chilean Peso
CNY - Chinese Yuan
COP - Colombian Peso
CZK - Czech Koruna
DKK - Danish Krone
EUR - Euro
GBP - British Pound
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar
HRK - Croatian Kuna
HUF - Hungarian Forint
IDR - Indonesian Rupiah
ILS - Israeli Shekel
INR - Indian Rupee
JOD - Jordanian Dinar
JPY - Japanese Yen
KRW - South Korean Won
MAD - Moroccan Dirham
MXN - Mexican Peso
MYR - Malaysian Ringgit
NOK - Norwegian Krone
NZD - New Zealand Dollar
PLN - Polish Zloty
RON - Romanian Leu
RUB - Russian Ruble
SEK - Swedish Krona
SGD - Singapore Dollar
THB - Thai Baht
TRY - Turkish Lira
TWD - Taiwan New Dollar
USD - US Dollar
VEF - Venezuelan Bolivar
VND - Vietnamese Dong
ZAR - South African Rand

End Point

Test API
API Request
from-valueyesstringThe value to convert from (e.g. 10.95)
from-typeyesstringThe type of the value to convert from (e.g. USD)
to-typeyesstringThe type to convert to (e.g. EUR)
API Response
validbooleanTrue if the coversion was successful and produced a valid result
resultstringThe result of the conversion
from-valuestringThe value being converted from
from-typestringThe type of the value being converted from
to-typestringThe type being converted to
Daily Limits
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