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IP Probe

Analyze and extract provider information for an IP address.

This API will perform a live (realtime) lookup against the given IP using various network level checks. We then try to determine what type of provider this IP belongs to be by analyzing the data retrieved. For convenience, this API also performs an IP location lookup as well using the IP Info API.

Warning: IP probe can be slow if the target network is slow. In some cases this API may take up to 20 seconds to complete however on average it will take around 1-5 seconds to complete IP analysis.

End Point

Test API
API Request
ipYesstringIPv4 or IPv6 address
API Response
validbooleanIs this a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address
ipbooleanThe IP address
countrystringFull country name
country-codestringISO 2-letter country code
citystringFull city name (if detectable)
regionstringFull region name (if detectable)
hostnamestringThe IPs hostname (PTR)
provider-domainstringThe domain name of the provider
provider-websitestringThe website URL for the provider
provider-descriptionstringA description of the provider, usually extracted from the providers website or WHOIS record
provider-typestringThe detected provider type, possible values are:
  • isp - IP belongs to an internet service provider. This includes both mobile, home and business internet providers
  • hosting - IP belongs to a hosting company. This includes website hosting, cloud computing platforms and colocation facilities
  • vpn - IP belongs to VPN provider
  • proxy - IP belongs to proxy provider. This includes HTTP and web based proxies as well as any other system designed to anonymize traffic
  • unknown - sorry, we couldn't work out what kind of provider this IP belongs to

Free limit: 25/day