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IP Probe

Execute a realtime network probe against an IPv4 or IPv6 address.

This API will run a series of live network scans and service probes to extract useful details about the host provider.

Some of the specific checks this API will perform:

VPN Detection

Scan for VPN software running on the host. This can even identify some private and stealth VPNs

Proxy Detection

Scan for signs of proxy software running on the host. Socks, Squid, Tor, etc

Provider Type

Determine the general type of the IP provider such as 'ISP' or 'hosting'

ASN Lookup

Get the ASN (Autonomous System Number) and other AS details controlling the IP address

Associated Domains

Extracts all the important domain names associated with the IP and ASN

IP Geolocation

Geolocate the physical location of the IP down to the city level (where possible)
Because this API performs live checks against an IP address it can take some time if the target network is slow. In some cases this API may take up to 30 seconds to complete. However on average it will take around 2 to 5 seconds to complete analysis

End Point

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API Request
ipyesstringAn IPv4 or IPv6 address. Accepts standard IP notation and also CIDR notation
API Response
ipstringThe IPv4 or IPv6 address returned
validbooleanTrue if this is a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address
is-v6booleanTrue if this is a IPv6 address. False if IPv4
is-v4-mappedbooleanTrue if this is a IPv4 mapped IPv6 address
is-bogonbooleanTrue if this is a bogon IP address such as a private network, local network or reserved address
countrystringFull country name
country-codestringISO 2-letter country code
country-code3stringISO 3-letter country code
continent-codestringISO 2-letter continent code
currency-codestringISO 4217 currency code associated with the country
citystringFull city name (if detectable)
regionstringFull region name (if detectable)
region-codestringISO 3166-2 region code (if detectable)
hostnamestringThe IPs full hostname (PTR)
host-domainstringThe IPs host domain
provider-domainstringThe domain name of the provider
provider-websitestringThe website URL for the provider
provider-descriptionstringA description of the provider (usually extracted from the providers website)
provider-typestringThe detected provider type, possible values are:
  • isp - IP belongs to an internet service provider. This includes both mobile, home and business internet providers
  • hosting - IP belongs to a hosting company. This includes website hosting, cloud computing platforms and colocation facilities
  • vpn - IP belongs to a VPN provider
  • proxy - IP belongs to a proxy service. This includes HTTP/SOCKS proxies and browser based proxies
  • university - IP belongs to a university/college/campus
  • government - IP belongs to a government department. This includes military facilities
  • commercial - IP belongs to a commercial entity such as a corporate headquarters or company office
  • unknown - could not identify the provider type
is-hostingbooleanTrue if this IP belongs to a hosting company. Note that this can still be true even if the provider type is VPN/proxy, this occurs in the case that the IP is detected as both types
is-ispbooleanTrue if this IP belongs to an internet service provider. Note that this can still be true even if the provider type is VPN/proxy, this occurs in the case that the IP is detected as both types
is-vpnbooleanTrue if this IP ia a VPN
is-proxybooleanTrue if this IP ia a proxy
vpn-domainstringThe domain of the VPN provider (may be empty if the VPN domain is not detectable)
asnstringThe autonomous system (AS) number
as-cidrstringThe autonomous system (AS) CIDR range
as-country-codestringThe autonomous system (AS) ISO 2-letter country code
as-country-code3stringThe autonomous system (AS) ISO 3-letter country code
as-domainsarrayArray of all the domains associated with the autonomous system (AS)
as-descriptionstringThe autonomous system (AS) description / company name
as-ageintegerThe age of the autonomous system (AS) in number of years since registration
API Performance
Avg Latency1-60s (variable)This API has a non-deterministic latency based on outside factors
Max Rate10/secondMaximum inbound request rate. Exceeding this will result in request throttling
Max Concurrency250Maximum concurrent/simultaneous requests. Exceeding this will result in error code 06 [TOO MANY CONNECTIONS]

API Example
curl https://neutrinoapi.net/ip-probe \ --header "User-ID: <your-user-id>" \ --header "API-Key: <your-api-key>" \ --data-urlencode "ip="
{ as-age: 27, as-cidr: "", as-country-code: "DE", as-country-code3: "DEU", as-description: "TEFINCOMSA-AS-AP TEFINCOM S.A., PA, Packethub S.A", as-domains: [ "nordvpn.com", "packethub.net", "terratransit.de", "packethub.tech" ], asn: "136787", city: "Atlanta", continent-code: "NA", country: "United States of America", country-code: "US", country-code3: "USA", currency-code: "USD", host-domain: "", hostname: "", ip: "", is-bogon: false, is-hosting: false, is-isp: false, is-proxy: false, is-v4-mapped: false, is-v6: false, is-vpn: true, provider-description: "The best online VPN service for speed | NordVPN: Online VPN service that encry..." provider-domain: "nordvpn.com", provider-type: "vpn", provider-website: "https://nordvpn.com/", region: "Georgia", region-code: "GA", valid: true, vpn-domain: "nordvpn.com" }