What is Neutrino API?

Neutrino API solves recurring problems encountered during the development of software systems.
Neutrino API is a general-purpose tool which can assist in many different situations.

The Technology

Neutrino API is built on these core principles.

We operate a fully distributed system spanning multiple servers, racks and data centers. This makes Neutrino API fast, reliable and able to quickly scale up to meet demand.

We take security seriously, we never store or log any of the private data you send to us. Our server infrastructure is protected by multi-factor authentication and high-grade encryption.

Easy to implement API specifications and clear documentation. We aim to support the widest possible number of programming languages and operating systems.

Why use Neutrino API?

  • Active development and support
  • Light-weight, fast and reliable
  • Fully distributed and redundant infrastructure
  • Easy API integration with thorough documentation
  • Strict no-log policy, your data is never stored or logged
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers processing millions of requests every day

The Company

Neutrino API launched back in 2013 on a mission to fix those inherently complex problems which crop up on almost all software projects. The Neutrino API platform provides a highly available, performant global network that lets developers focus on their product and not on building and maintaining complex in-house tools not relevant to their core business. Today, Neutrino API serves thousands of applications all over the world and handles more than 250 Million API requests a day.

Data Center Locations

GeoDNS is used to automatically direct API requests to the optimal data center location:

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