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API Error Codes

Neutrino API can return the follow types of errors:

HTTP Status Codes

The API can return the following HTTP status codes:

HTTP Status CodeReason
200 (OK)Your API request has been accepted
400 (Bad Request)Your API request has been rejected. Check the error codes below for specific error details
403 (Forbidden)You have failed to authenticate or are using an invalid API path
500 (Internal Server Error)We messed up, sorry! Your request has caused a fatal exception

Specific API Errors

The API can return the following error fields:

api-errorintegerAPI error code. If set and > 0 then an API error has occurred your request could not be completed
api-error-msgstringAPI error message

API Error Codes

Error CodeError MessageReason
01MISSING OR INVALID PARAMETERYou are missing a required parameter or you supplied unparsable data for the parameter type
02DAILY API LIMIT EXCEEDEDYou have exceeded the daily limit for this API on your current plan
03INVALID URLThe API requires a valid URL or the URL supplied is not currently accessible
04IP BANNEDYour IP address has been banned (only applies to free accounts)
05NOT RESPONDING. RETRY IN [X] SECONDSThere is a problem with the underlying API system or your requests are taking an unusual length of time to complete. This is usually a transient error so you can retry your request again if needed
06TOO MANY CONNECTIONSYou have exceeded the connection port limit for your account
07ACCOUNT NOT VERIFIEDYou are trying to use an API that requires your account to be verified
08TELEPHONY NOT ENABLEDYou can't use the telephony APIs on your current account type
10ACCESS DENIEDThis API is not available on your account. Contact support for help
11MAXIMUM SIMULTANEOUS PHONE CALLSThere are currently too many phone calls being placed. Wait for a minute and try again.
12COULD NOT LOAD AUDIO DATA URLThe URL supplied does not contain valid (or compatible) audio data
13HLR LIMIT REACHEDYou have exceeded the HLR overage for your account and your payment has declined
14CALLS AND SMS TO THIS NUMBER ARE BLOCKEDYour telephony whitelist/blacklist has blocked calls/SMS to the supplied number
15CALL IN PROGRESSA phone call is already in progress to this phone number
17RENDERING FAILEDPDF, PNG or JPG rendering has failed for your content or URL
21BATCH PROCESSING NOT ENABLED FOR THIS ENDPOINTThis endpoint does not currently support batch processing
22BATCH PROCESSING NOT AVAILABLE ON YOUR PLANYour account plan does not support batch processing
23BATCH PROCESSING REQUEST LIMIT EXCEEDEDToo many items sent in a single batch requests
24INVALID BATCH REQUEST. DOES NOT CONFORM TO SPECYour batch request does not meet our minimum spec