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HTML Extract

Extract specific HTML tag contents or attributes from complex HTML or XHTML content.
This is a flexible API which allows you to parse and extract any data from HTML documents.
You can search for data using a CSS/jQuery style selector.

Tag selector examples:

You can also combine selectors, for example:

End Point

Test API
API Request
contentYesstringThe HTML content. This can be either a URL to load HTML from or an actual HTML content string
tagYesstringThe HTML tag(s) to extract data from. This can just be a simple tag name like 'img' OR a CSS/jQuery style selector
attributeNostringIf set, then extract data from the specified tag attribute.
If not set, then data will be extracted from the tags inner content
base-urlNostringThe base URL to replace into realive links
API Response
totalintegerThe total number of values extracted
valuesarrayArray of extracted values
Daily Limits
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