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HTML Extract

This API is deprecated. You should try the new and improved Browser Bot API.
We will continue to operate this API into the future but no more updates will be applied.

Extract specific HTML tag contents or attributes from complex HTML or XHTML content.
This is a flexible API which allows you to parse and extract any data from HTML documents.
You can search for data using a CSS/jQuery style selector.

Tag selector examples:

You can also combine selectors, for example:

End Point

Test API
API Request
contentyesstringThe HTML content. This can be either a URL to load from, a file upload or an HTML content string
tagyesstringThe HTML tag(s) to extract data from. This can just be a simple tag name like 'img' OR a CSS/jQuery style selector
attributenostringIf set, then extract data from the specified tag attribute.
If not set, then data will be extracted from the tags inner content
base-urlnostringThe base URL to replace into realive links
API Response
totalintegerThe total number of values extracted
valuesarrayArray of extracted values
Daily Limits
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