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SMS Verify

Send a unique security code to any mobile device via SMS.

Use this API to verify personal details, help reduce fraud and in authentication systems for implementing multi-factor (MFA and 2FA) authentication. Supply your own security code for use in TOTP (the most common standard for 2FA implementations) or let us auto generate a secure random code. To then verify a delivered code you can either implement this on your side or use use the verify security code endpoint.

Send SMS globally to any country at great rates: SMS Rates

We use multiple networks and mobile carriers to ensure your messages will arrive every time. If more than one request to the same number is received in a short space of time we automatically switch to alternative delivery routes.

To enable unrestricted use of this API you must have a verified account.

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End Point

Test API
API Request
numberyesstringThe phone number to send a verification code to
code-lengthnointeger5The number of digits to use in the security code (must be between 4 and 12)
security-codenointegerPass in your own security code. This is useful if you have implemented TOTP or similar 2FA methods. If not set then we will generate a secure random code
country-codenostringISO 2-letter country code, assume numbers are based in this country.
If not set numbers are assumed to be in international format (with or without the leading + sign)
language-codenostringenThe language to send the verification code in, available languages are:
  • de - German
  • en - English
  • es - Spanish
  • fr - French
  • it - Italian
  • pt - Portuguese
  • ru - Russian
API Response
sentbooleanTrue if the SMS has been sent
number-validbooleanTrue if this a valid phone number
security-codestringThe security code generated, you can save this code to perform your own verification or you can use the Verify Security Code API