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Security and Networking

Host Reputation

Check the reputation of an IP address, domain name or URL against a comprehensive list of blacklists and blocklists.

We currently check more than 150 blacklists.

The blacklists we connect to are most commonly known as either a DNSBL (Domain Name System Blackhole List) or a RBL (Real-time Blackhole List). This API can take up to 10 seconds to run depending on the current response times of the active DNSBLs. Most blacklists we check are geared towards blocking hosts involved with sending email spam, some are more specialized lists. If you are also interested in detecting IP addresses involved in other forms of cybercrime check out the IP blocklist API.

End Point

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API Request
hostyesstringAn IP address, domain name, FQDN or URL.
If you supply a domain/URL it will be checked against the URI DNSBL lists
list-ratingnointeger3Only check lists with this rating or better
API Response
hoststringThe IP address or host name
is-listedbooleanIs this host blacklisted
list-countintegerThe number of DNSBLs the host is listed on
listsarrayArray of objects for each DNSBL checked:
is-listedbooleanTrue if the host is currently black-listed
list-namestringThe name of the DNSBL
list-hoststringThe hostname of the DNSBL
list-ratingintegerThe list rating [1-3] with 1 being the best rating and 3 the lowest rating
txt-recordstringThe TXT record returned for this listing (only set if listed)
return-codestringThe specific return code for this listing (only set if listed)
response-timeintegerThe DNSBL server response time in milliseconds
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