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BIN Lookup

Perform a BIN (Bank Identification Number) or IIN (Issuer Identification Number) lookup.

This API is ideal for fraud protection systems and payment analysis. Find out the card type, country and full issuer details for the given BIN number. Our BIN database is comprehensive and works with 6, 8 and 10 digit BINs from all countries. We update the database on a weekly basis as new cards are issued. This API also includes some extra fraud detection measures if a customer IP address is passed in. In this mode the API will also perform IP geolocation and IP blocklist lookups. You can also download the complete BIN database for use on your own systems using the Download API

Use this API to:
The payment industry is moving from 6-digit to 8-digit BINs due to BIN number exhaustion. The ISO announced that full implementation of the new standard is required by April 2022. Neutrino API fully supports 8-digit (and higher) BINs and we recommend if your still using 6-digit BINs that you begin transitioning to 8-digit BINs as soon as possible.

End Point

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API Request
bin-numberyesstringThe BIN or IIN number. This is the first 6, 8 or 10 digits of a card number, use 8 (or more) digits for the highest level of accuracy
customer-ipnostringPass in the customers IP address and we will return some extra information about them
API Response
validbooleanIs this a valid BIN or IIN number
bin-numberstringThe BIN number returned. You may count the number of digits in this field to determine if the BIN is likely to be based on an 8-digit or 6-digit card
card-brandstringThe card brand (e.g. Visa or Mastercard)
card-typestringThe card type, will always be one of: DEBIT, CREDIT, CHARGE CARD
card-categorystringThe card category. There are many different card categories the most common card categories are: CLASSIC, BUSINESS, CORPORATE, PLATINUM, PREPAID
countrystringThe full country name of the issuer
country-codestringThe ISO 2-letter country code of the issuer
country-code3stringThe ISO 3-letter country code of the issuer
currency-codestringISO 4217 currency code associated with the country of the issuer
issuerstringThe card issuer
issuer-websitestringThe card issuers website
issuer-phonestringThe card issuers phone number
is-commercialbooleanIs this a commercial/business use card
is-prepaidbooleanIs this a prepaid or prepaid reloadable card
ip-matches-binbooleanTrue if the customers IP country matches the BIN country
ip-countrystringThe country of the customers IP
ip-country-codestringThe ISO 2-letter country code of the customers IP
ip-country-code3stringThe ISO 3-letter country code of the customers IP
ip-regionstringThe region of the customers IP (if detectable)
ip-citystringThe city of the customers IP (if detectable)
ip-blocklistedbooleanTrue if the customers IP is listed on one of our blocklists, see the IP Blocklist API
ip-blocklistsarrayAn array of strings indicating which blocklists this IP is listed on
API Performance
Avg Latency15msAverage RTT for requests within the same data center/region
Max Rate500/secondMaximum inbound request rate. Exceeding this will result in request throttling
Max Concurrency250Maximum concurrent/simultaneous requests. Exceeding this will result in error code 06 [TOO MANY CONNECTIONS]

API Example
curl https://neutrinoapi.net/bin-lookup \ --header "User-ID: <your-user-id>" \ --header "API-Key: <your-api-key>" \ --data-urlencode "bin-number=47192100" \ --data-urlencode "customer-ip="
{ bin-number: "471921", card-brand: "VISA", card-category: "CLASSIC", card-type: "CREDIT", country: "UNITED STATES", country-code: "US", country-code3: "USA", currency-code: "USD", ip-blocklisted: false, ip-blocklists: [], ip-city: "", ip-country: "", ip-country-code: "", ip-country-code3: "", ip-matches-bin: false, ip-region: "", is-commercial: false, is-prepaid: false, issuer: "BANK OF AMERICA - CONSUMER CREDIT", issuer-phone: "", issuer-website: "", valid: true }