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URL Info

Parse, analyze and retrieve content from the supplied URL.

Determine if a URL is well-formed and actually hosting real content. Determine many of the URLs properties such as its current HTTP status, content size, type, encoding and load time. You can also use this API to fetch the actual URL response data for further processing or storage.

Although you can use this API to fetch HTML content from a website URL, it's not a fully featured web browser. Instead, you may want to try the more advanced Browser Bot API.

End Point

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API Request
urlyesstringThe URL to probe
fetch-contentnobooleanfalseIf this URL responds with html, text, json or xml then return the response. This option is useful if you want to perform further processing on the URL content (e.g. with the HTML Extract or HTML Clean APIs)
ignore-certificate-errorsnobooleanfalseIgnore any TLS/SSL certificate errors and load the URL anyway
timeoutnointeger60Timeout in seconds. Give up if still trying to load the URL after this number of seconds
retrynointeger0If the request fails for any reason try again this many times
API Response
validbooleanIs this a valid well-formed URL
realbooleanIs this URL actually serving real content
titlestringThe document title
language-codestringThe ISO 2-letter language code of the page. Extracted from either the HTML document or via HTTP headers
http-okbooleanTrue if this URL responded with an HTTP OK (200) status
http-statusintegerThe HTTP status code this URL responded with. An HTTP status of 0 indicates a network level issue
http-status-messageintegerThe HTTP status message assoicated with the status code
is-errorbooleanTrue if an error occurred while loading the URL. This includes network errors, TLS errors and timeouts
is-timeoutbooleanTrue if a timeout occurred while loading the URL. You can set the timeout with the request parameter 'timeout'
http-redirectbooleanTrue if this URL responded with an HTTP redirect
urlstringThe fully qualified URL. This may be different to the URL requested if http-redirect is true
url-protocolstringThe URL protocol, usually http or https
url-portintegerThe URL port
url-pathstringThe URL path
querymapA key-value map of the URL query paramaters
contentstringThe actual content this URL responded with. Only set if the 'fetch-content' option was used
content-sizeintegerThe size of the URL content in bytes
content-typestringThe content-type this URL serves
content-encodingstringThe encoding format the URL uses
load-timefloatThe time taken to load the URL content in seconds
server-ipstringThe IP address of the server hosting this URL
server-namestringThe name of the server software hosting this URL
server-countrystringThe servers IP geo-location: full country name
server-country-codestringThe servers IP geo-location: ISO 2-letter country code
server-citystringThe servers IP geo-location: full city name (if detectable)
server-regionstringThe servers IP geo-location: full region name (if detectable)
server-hostnamestringThe servers hostname (PTR record)
API Performance
Avg Latency50-500ms (variable)This API has a non-deterministic latency based on outside factors
Max Rate2/secondMaximum inbound request rate. Exceeding this will result in request throttling
Max Concurrency250Maximum concurrent/simultaneous requests. Exceeding this will result in error code 06 [TOO MANY CONNECTIONS]

API Example
curl https://neutrinoapi.net/url-info \ --header "User-ID: <your-user-id>" \ --header "API-Key: <your-api-key>" \ --data-urlencode "url=https://www.neutrinoapi.com/" \ --data-urlencode "fetch-content=false" \ --data-urlencode "ignore-certificate-errors=false" \ --data-urlencode "timeout=60" \ --data-urlencode "retry=0"
{ content: "", content-encoding: "gzip", content-size: 99755, content-type: "text/html; charset=UTF-8", http-ok: true, http-redirect: false, http-status: 200, http-status-message: "OK", is-error: false, is-timeout: false, language-code: "en", load-time: 0.220629202, query: {}, real: true, server-city: "Kansas City", server-country: "United States of America", server-country-code: "US", server-hostname: "", server-ip: "", server-name: "nginx", server-region: "Missouri", title: "Neutrino API - Power tools for Developers", url: "https://www.neutrinoapi.com/", url-path: "/", url-port: 443, url-protocol: "https", valid: true }