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UA Lookup

Parse, validate and get detailed user-agent information from a user agent string or from client hints.

This API has the following features:

Type Detection

Determine the general user-agent type e.g. check if the user-agent is a phone, tablet or desktop device

Mobile Detection

Determine if the user-agent belongs to a mobile device and get brand and model information

Device Specs

Retrieve device specs such as the release year, price and physical display properties

Browser Detection

Get the name, engine, version and release year of the browser software

Bot Detection

Check if the user-agent is a robot, spider, crawler or other type of automated software

OS Detection

Determine the operating system family, full OS name and version information

End Point

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API Request
uayesstringA user-agent string OR the value of the 'UA' field for client hints
ua-versionnostringFor client hints this corresponds to the 'UA-Full-Version' field
ua-platformnostringFor client hints this corresponds to the 'UA-Platform' field
ua-platform-versionnostringFor client hints this corresponds to the 'UA-Platform-Version' field
ua-mobilenostringFor client hints this corresponds to the 'UA-Mobile' field
device-modelnostringFor client hints this corresponds to the 'UA-Model' field
device-brandnostringLimit device lookups to this brand
API Response
uastringThe user agent string
typestringThe user agent type, possible values are:
  • desktop
  • phone
  • tablet
  • wearable
  • tv
  • console
  • email
  • library
  • robot
  • unknown
namestringThe client software name
versionstringThe client software full version
version-majorstringThe client software major version
browser-enginestringIf the client is a web browser which underlying browser engine does it use
browser-releasestringIf the client is a web browser which year was this browser version released
osstringThe full operating system name
os-familystringThe operating system family. The major OS families are: Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux
os-versionstringThe operating system full version
os-version-majorstringThe operating system major version
is-mobilebooleanIs this a mobile device (e.g. a phone or tablet)
is-webviewbooleanIs this a WebView / embedded software client
device-brandstringThe device brand / manufacturer
device-modelstringThe device model
device-model-codestringThe device model code
device-releasestringThe year when this device model was released
device-pricefloatThe average device price on release in USD
device-resolutionstringThe device display resolution in physical pixels (e.g. 720x1280)
device-ppifloatThe device display PPI (pixels per inch)
device-pixel-ratiofloatThe device display pixel ratio (the ratio of the resolution in physical pixels to the resolution in CSS pixels)
device-width-pxfloatThe device display width in CSS 'px'
device-height-pxfloatThe device display height in CSS 'px'
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