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Email Verify

SMTP based email address verification. Verify real users and filter out low-quality email addresses.

Email verify does everything the Email Validate API does but takes validation one step further and performs a realtime SMTP based lookup. This process is similar to how a real email is delivered, so it can verify if an email would actually make it to the recipient address. Our SMTP process will identify if the username exists at the email service provider and can also check if the domain is setup as a catch-all (will accept mail for any address)

Because this API performs a realtime check against a live mail server it can take some time if the target mail server is slow. In some cases this API may take up to 30 seconds to complete. However on average it will complete in less than 2 seconds.

End Point

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API Request
emailyesstringAn email address
fix-typosnobooleanfalseAutomatically attempt to fix typos in the address
API Response
validbooleanIs this a valid email address (syntax and domain is valid)
verifiedbooleanTrue if this address has passed SMTP verification. Check the smtp-status and smtp-response fields for specific verification details
emailstringThe email address. If you have used the fix-typos option then this will be the fixed address
typos-fixedbooleanTrue if typos have been fixed
syntax-errorbooleanTrue if this address has a syntax error
domain-errorbooleanTrue if this address has a domain error (e.g. no valid mail server records)
domainstringThe email domain
providerstringThe email service provider domain
is-freemailbooleanTrue if this address is a free-mail address
is-disposablebooleanTrue if this address is a disposable, temporary or darknet related email address
is-personalbooleanTrue if this address is for a person. False if this is a role based address, e.g. admin@, help@, office@, etc.
smtp-statusstringThe SMTP verification status for the address:
  • ok - SMTP verification was successful, this is a real address that can receive mail
  • invalid - this is not a valid email address (has either a domain or syntax error)
  • absent - this address is not registered with the email service provider
  • unresponsive - the mail server(s) for this address timed-out or refused to open an SMTP connection
  • unknown - sorry, we could not reliably determine the real status of this address (this address may or may not exist)
smtp-responsestringThe raw SMTP response message received during verification
is-deferredbooleanTrue if the mail server responded with a temporary failure (either a 4xx response code or unresponsive server). You can retry this address later, we recommend waiting at least 15 minutes before retrying
is-catch-allbooleanTrue if this email domain has a catch-all policy (it will accept mail for any username)
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