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BIN List Download

Download our entire BIN database for direct use on your own systems.

You can then load the BIN data directly to RAM or import into your database of choice.
We recommend refreshing this API once per week to stay up-to-date with new BIN records.

The resulting file format is a semicolon (;) delimited CSV file with the following fields:
  1. BIN Number
  2. Card Brand
  3. Card Type
  4. Card Category
  5. Country Code
  6. Country Name
  7. Issuer Name
  8. Issuer Phone
  9. Issuer Website
  10. ISO 3-letter Country Code (only present if 'include-iso3' or 'include-all' is set)
  11. ISO 3-letter Currency Code (only present if 'include-iso3' or 'include-all' is set)
  12. Commercial/Business Card Flag (only present if 'include-all' is set)
  13. Prepaid Card Flag (only present if 'include-all' is set)
  • Access to this API is only available for verified Tier 3 account holders and is only available for commercial use, individual or personal use is prohibited. To request access to this API Contact Us.
  • You must enable the 'include-8digit' option to download 8-digit and higher BIN numbers. We recommend always enabling this option as of 2024. If your still using 6-digit BINs in production you should begin transitioning to 8-digit BINs as soon as possible due to BIN number exhaustion.
  • When searching the database with 8-digit BIN numbers you must implement a 'reverse search'. To do this first check for the 8-digit, 7-digit and finally 6-digit BIN numbers. This ensures you can retrieve results for older cards still using the 6-digit standard.

End Point

API Request
include-iso3nobooleanfalseInclude ISO 3-letter country codes and ISO 3-letter currency codes in the data. These will be added to columns 10 and 11 respectively
include-8digitnobooleanfalseInclude 8-digit and higher BIN codes. This option includes all 6-digit BINs and all 8-digit and higher BINs (including some 9, 10 and 11 digit BINs where available)
include-allnobooleanfalseInclude all BINs and all available fields in the CSV file (overrides any values set for 'include-iso3' or 'include-8digit')
output-encodingnostringSet this option to 'gzip' to have the output file compressed using gzip
API Response

API Example
curl https://neutrinoapi.net/bin-list-download \ --header "User-ID: <your-user-id>" \ --header "API-Key: <your-api-key>> \ --data-urlencode "include-iso3=false" \ --data-urlencode "include-8digit=false" \ --data-urlencode "include-all=false" \ --data-urlencode "output-encoding=" \ --output "bin-list-download.png"