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Time zones
Monday 5th of August 2019
The geolocation APIs (IP Info, Geocode Address and Geocode Reverse) now return a timezone object for the corresponding locations. Get the current date and time at the location as well as all the standardized timezone identifiers.
Geocode Update
Tuesday 11th of June 2019
The Reverse Geocode API now has a 'zoom' option. This feature allows you to retrieve location data at specific zoom levels such as street, city or country. Handy for applications that need to control the field of view for a location result.
IP Blocklist Update
Wednesday 17th of April 2019
IP Blocklist now returns sensor information for all listed IP addresses. The new 'sensors' array contains details on which specific sensors were used to detect an IP address. We've also beefed-up our open proxy scanner for improved detection of HTTP and SOCKS proxies. Finally, the blocklist download service now includes a plain text format for quick and easy import into other software.
API Keys
Monday 18th of February 2019
After much feedback we are pleased to release a new and improved key system, bringing you more security and flexibility! You can now create an unlimited number of keys, set names on keys, restrict keys to certain endpoints and enable CORS too.
Email Verify Update
Tuesday 29th of January 2019
A new version of the Email Verify API has been released. Some notable features:
● Ability to verify users at certain "catchall" mail providers including Yahoo and AOL
● Thousands of new typo corrections added for common mail providers
● Support for STARTTLS with TLS now being the default method to talk to mail servers
● Improved handling of greylisted requests
IP Probe Upgrade
Monday 19th of November 2018
IP Probe now includes explicit autonomous system (AS) information for an IP address. Our algorithms for provider type detection have been further refined and improved too, increasing the accuracy and detection of hosting and VPN providers
Browser Bot API
Wednesday 5th of September 2018
Announcing the new Browser Bot API! This API can extract content, interact and execute JavaScript on a webpage. Based on the Chromium desktop browser this API replaces our older HTML Extract API and provides new advanced browser automation features
Currency Codes
Monday 13th of August 2018
IP Info, Phone Validate, Geocode Address and BIN Lookup all now return ISO 4217 3-letter currency codes that are associated with the returned entity
Friday 11th of May 2018
● New Stats API. Get realtime usage statistics about your account
● All APIs which return country codes now also return ISO 3-letter country codes as well
● Browser engine name and engine version details added to User Agent Info
● All daily limits have been increased for IP Probe. The tier 1 limit now starts at 1K/day
Email Verify now includes an "is-deferred" flag so you know if an address can be re-checked later
HTML Render Updates
Monday 12th of March 2018
The HTML5 Render API now has full support for adding headers and footers to each PDF page, with page numbering tags as well. There is also the new "render-delay" option which is handy if you need to wait for animations or java-script to finish executing before rendering
Email Verify API
Friday 8th of December 2017
After a long beta phase we are very pleased to announce the release of the Email Verify API.
Verify real users and filter out low-quality addresses using a robust SMTP based verification procedure
API Updates
Monday 25th of September 2017
SMS Message - New endpoint to send free-form SMS
IP Info - Now returns continent codes in ISO two-letter format
IP Probe - Next major release of the ISP and hosting detection algorithm
Batch Processing
Friday 21st of July 2017
Neutrino API now supports batch processing under the new "multi" endpoint. Send multiple API calls in a single HTTP request. You can send requests across multiple endpoints and attach your own custom data too. Check out the docs here for the full details
Geographic DNS routing enabled
Tuesday 13th of June 2017
As of today ALL users in the European region will be automatically routed to our London data center.
If your servers are located anywhere in Europe you'll now get even lower latency and higher throughput!
In the next few weeks we will also be routing all traffic from Southeast Asia, China and Oceania to our Hong Kong data center by default
Geocode API Update
Thursday 20th of April 2017
We have introduced two new fields to the geocoding APIs: "location-type" and "location-tags".
These two new properties allow you to more accurately define the type of location you are working with and works with both address geocoding and reverse geocoding
New "IP Probe" API
Wednesday 15th of March 2017
IP Probe will analyze and extract provider information for an IP address. The main function of this API is to find out who the provider is for an IP address and determine what type of provider it might be. For example, you can check if a particualr IP belongs to a hosting company or ISP
HTML5 Rendering
Friday 17th of February 2017
Render HTML pages to PDF, PNG and JPG. This brand new API is based on the WebKit browser engine and replaces our older HTML-to-PDF API. The new API has loads more options and supports CSS2, CSS3 and JavaScript!
Happy New Year!
Tuesday 3rd of January 2017
We have released some handy new API features:
Geocoding: Now includes individual address components for both address and reverse geocoding. Fuzzy search also got a lot more powerful, we use several new recursive techniques for permutation of possible addresses
Bad word filter: Much better detection of obfuscated swear words in a given text
BIN download: Due to popular demand you can now download the entire BIN database in CSV format for exclusive use on your own systems
Neutrino API integrates with PubNub
Monday 21st of November 2016
You can now utilize Neutrino API via PubNub BLOCKS! Here is a great example on using our bad word filter in a realtime chat app. PubNub BLOCKS allows you to create realtime serverless functions that execute directly on the PubNub data stream network
SMS pricing update
Sunday 13th of November 2016
New and improved country based pricing for SMS Verify. SMS messages now cost less overall and you'll save more by getting optimized rates for your destination countries and networks. Check out the new rates here
Mobile roaming data
Friday 23rd of September 2016
HLR lookup now returns roaming information for mobile devices.
Find out if a number is roaming and in which country it is currently roaming
Geocode fuzzy searching
Tuesday 6th of September 2016
New fuzzy search option for address geocoding. This can help when processing addresses which may be poorly formatted or even contain misspellings. Fuzzy search works by recursively transforming an address until any possible matching location are found
Bitcoin currency conversion
Sunday 14th of August 2016
The convert API now supports conversion to and from BTC to any other supported currency.
We check recent buy and sell data from many popular bitcoin exchanges to provide a balanced price point
IP blocklist updates
Wednesday 6th of July 2016
IP blocklist is now updated continuously in real time, as soon as new IPs are detected by our network they are committed to the blocklist. Catch bad IPs even faster! And as an added bonus, we just deployed some brand new and original honeypots in various locations...
SIP trunking improvements
Monday 20th of June 2016
Our core SIP trunking stack has been upgraded which means we now support even more VOIP providers and PBX systems. The new SIP stack supports more advanced SIP features and extensions as well as a bunch of new audio codecs
New web crawlers
Wednesday 27th of April 2016
We just deployed brand new web crawlers for detecting disposable and spam related domains.
This means the email-validate and host-reputation APIs now have even better detection rates especially for freshly released domains
API Updates
Tuesday 29th of March 2016
User-Agent Info: Better detection of device types and TVs
Host Reputation: Now includes a list rating filter and DNS response times
Geocoding: Faster forward and reverse response times, better address formatting and now includes a state field (where applicable)
IP Blocklist: Improved integration with DShield, improved bot detection and a new algorithm for expiring blocked IPs
Cloud agnostic servers
Tuesday 2nd of February 2016
Neutrino API servers can now run on all major cloud provider platforms!
Available at no cost for all Tier 3 API accounts, check it out on the plans page
New API features
Tuesday 5th of January 2016
Email Validate: Disposable, temporary and darknet email detection
IP Info: Now supports IPv6
HLR Lookup: New and greatly improved detection of VOIP lines
Phone Validate: New "ip" field for auto selection of country code
User-Agent Info: Better OS fields and new "is-ios" and "is-android" booleans
Friday 11th of December 2015
All new SDKs which wrap all of our APIs, we now have SDKs for C#, Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby
Telephony goes multilingual
Saturday 17th of October 2015
SMS and Phone Verify APIs are now multilingual. You can send verification codes in German, English, Spanish, Fench, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.
Full UTF-8 support in PDFs
Friday 11th of September 2015
HTML to PDF API now has much better support for UTF-8 characters. The API can now render all common written languages.
SMS verify API
Saturday 25th of July 2015
You can now do verification by SMS. With a simple fixed rate to any mobile phone in the world.
Bring your own SIP trunks!
Tuesday 2nd of June 2015
You can now use your own SIP trunk for the telephony APIs, just login to your account and goto the SIP Settings area.
New Plans
Wednesday 29th of April 2015
We now have some more plans suitable for high concurrency and large workload operations!
Along with the new plans we also now support invoicing in multiple currencies. Check them out
Infrastructure Upgrade
Wednesday 25th of February 2015
We just rolled out a brand new HA Redis platform for caching frequently used data!
This will provide a good performance boost as well as increase our current peak capacity
Happy New Year!
Monday 5th of January 2015
Due to popular demand, Neutrino API can now respond in snake_case and camelCase!
Just pass in the new optional "output-case" paramater.
We have also released some improvements to make the API tools console even better!