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Security and Networking

HLR Lookup

Connect to the global mobile cellular network and retrieve the status of a mobile device.

The home location register (HLR) is a central database that contains details of each mobile phone subscriber connected to the global mobile network. You can use this API to validate that a mobile number is live and registered on a mobile network in real-time. Find out the carrier name, ported number status and fetch up-to-date device status information.

We don't charge for HLR lookups if we already know the number is not a mobile number, using the Phone Validate API first we detect the number type without any need to connect to SS7.

To enable unrestricted use of this API you must have a verified account.

HLR Pricing

Volume Cost (per lookup)
2k 0.014
5k 0.013
10k 0.012
50k 0.011
50k+ 0.01

End Point

Test API
API Request
numberYesstringA phone number
country-codeNostringISO 2-letter country code, assume numbers are based in this country.
If not set numbers are assumed to be in international format (with or without the leading + sign)
API Response
number-validbooleanTrue if this a valid phone number
hlr-validbooleanWas the HLR lookup successful. If true then this is a working and registered cell-phone or mobile device (SMS and phone calls will be delivered)
hlr-statusstringThe HLR lookup status, possible values are:
  • ok - the HLR lookup was successful and the device is connected
  • absent - the number was once registered but the device has been switched off or out of network range for some time
  • unknown - the number is not known by the mobile network
  • invalid - the number is not a valid mobile MSISDN number
  • fixed-line - the number is a registered fixed-line not mobile
  • voip - the number has been detected as a VOIP line
  • failed - the HLR lookup has failed, we could not determine the real status of this number
is-mobilebooleanTrue if this is a mobile number (only true with 100% certainty, if the number type is unknown this value will be false)
is-portedbooleanHas this number been ported to another network
is-roamingbooleanIs this number currently roaming from its origin country
imsistringThe mobile IMSI number
mccstringThe mobile MCC number
mncstringThe mobile MNC number
msinstringThe mobile MSIN number
origin-networkstringThe origin mobile carrier name
ported-networkstringIf the number has been ported, the ported to carrier name
number-typestringThe number type, possible values are:
  • mobile
  • fixed-line
  • premium-rate
  • toll-free
  • voip
  • unknown
locationstringThe number location. Could be a city, region or country depending on the type of number
countrystringThe phone number country
country-codestringThe number location as an ISO 2-letter country code
country-code3stringThe number location as an ISO 3-letter country code
currency-codestringISO 4217 currency code associated with the country
roaming-country-codestringIf the number is currently roaming, the ISO 2-letter country code of the roaming in country
international-calling-codeintegerThe numbers international calling code
international-numberstringThe number represented in full international format
local-numberstringThe number represented in local dialing format