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User Agent Info

Parse, validate and get detailed user-agent information from a user agent string.

This API has the following features.

End Point

Test API
API Request
user-agentYesstringA user agent string
API Response
typestringThe user agent type, possible values are:
  • desktop-browser
  • email-client
  • feed-reader
  • software-library
  • media-player (includes smart TVs)
  • mobile-browser
  • robot
  • unknown
is-mobilebooleanTrue if this is a mobile user agent
is-androidbooleanTrue if this is an Android based mobile user agent
is-iosbooleanTrue if this is an iOS based mobile user agent
mobile-brandstringThe mobile device brand
mobile-browserstringThe mobile device browser name (this is usually the same as the browser name)
mobile-modelstringThe mobile device model
mobile-screen-widthintegerThe estimated mobile device screen width in CSS 'px'
mobile-screen-heightintegerThe estimated mobile device screen height in CSS 'px'
browser-namestringThe browser software name
operating-systemstringThe full operating system name which may include the major version number or code name
operating-system-familystringThe operating system family name, this is the OS name without any version information
operating-system-versionstringThe operating system version number (if detectable)
enginestringThe browser engine name
engine-versionstringThe browser engine version (if detectable)
producerstringThe producer or manufacturer of the user agent
versionstringThe browser software version
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