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Geocode Reverse

Convert a geographic coordinate (latitude and longitude) into a real world address.

This API is ideal for applications which process raw location data like coordinates obtained from mobile GPS devices. Reverse geocoding is the opposite process of address geocoding, you can get detailed location data right down to a specific building or zoomed out to the street, city or country level.

End Point

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API Request
latitudeyesstringThe location latitude in decimal degrees format
longitudeyesstringThe location longitude in decimal degrees format
language-codenostringenThe language to display results in, available languages are:
  • de, en, es, fr, it, pt, ru
zoomnostringaddressThe zoom level to respond with:
  • address - the most precise address available
  • street - the street level
  • city - the city level
  • state - the state level
  • country - the country level
API Response
foundbooleanTrue if these coordinates map to a real location
latitudefloatThe location latitude
longitudefloatThe location longitude
addressstringThe fully formatted address
address-componentsmapThe components which make up the address such as road, city, state, etc
citystringThe city of the location
statestringThe state of the location
countrystringThe country of the location
country-codestringThe ISO 2-letter country code of the location
country-code3stringThe ISO 3-letter country code of the location
currency-codestringISO 4217 currency code associated with the country
postal-codestringThe postal code for the location
location-typestringThe detected location type ordered roughly from most to least precise, possible values are:
  • address - indicates a precise street address
  • street - accurate to the street level but may not point to the exact location of the house/building number
  • city - accurate to the city level, this includes villages, towns, suburbs, etc
  • postal-code - indicates a postal code area (no house or street information present)
  • railway - location is part of a rail network such as a station or railway track
  • natural - indicates a natural feature, for example a mountain peak or a waterway
  • island - location is an island or archipelago
  • administrative - indicates an administrative boundary such as a country, state or province
location-tagsarrayArray of strings containing any location tags associated with the address. Tags are additional pieces of metadata about a specific location, there are thousands of different tags. Some examples of tags: shop, office, cafe, bank, pub
timezonemapMap containing timezone details for the location:
idstringThe time zone ID as per the IANA time zone database (tzdata)
namestringThe full time zone name
abbrstringThe time zone abbreviation
datestringThe current date at the time zone (ISO 8601 format 'YYYY-MM-DD')
timestringThe current time at the time zone (ISO 8601 format 'hh:mm:ss.sss')
offsetstringThe UTC offset for the time zone (ISO 8601 format '±hh:mm')
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