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IP Info

Get location information about an IP address and do reverse DNS (PTR) lookups.

You can determine the hostname, country, region, city, longitude and latitude of the IP address. Our geolocation data is being updated on a daily basis as internet address allocation changes and as new IP ranges come online.

This API supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Need to determine the provider type for an IP address? Check out the IP Probe API

End Point

Test API
API Request
ipyesstringIPv4 or IPv6 address
reverse-lookupnobooleanfalseDo a reverse DNS (PTR) lookup. This option can add extra delay to the request so only use it if you need it
API Response
validbooleanIs this a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address
ipstringThe IP address
countrystringFull country name
country-codestringISO 2-letter country code
country-code3stringISO 3-letter country code
continent-codestringISO 2-letter continent code
currency-codestringISO 4217 currency code associated with the country
citystringFull city name (if detectable)
regionstringFull region name (if detectable)
longitudefloatLocation longitude
latitudefloatLocation latitude
hostnamestringThe IPs hostname (only set if reverse-lookup has been used)
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