API Plans

Plans based on daily quotas and billed monthly. All plans also include on-demand rates for those with bursty or unpredictable workloads.
Plan Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Cost  / per month $10 $50 $250
Daily Limit Requests per 24 hours
Bad Word Filter 10K 100K 1M
BIN Lookup 1K 10K 100K
Browser Bot 100 1K 10K
Convert 1K 10K 100K
Domain Lookup 1K 10K 100K
Email Validate 10K 100K 1M
Email Verify 500 5K 25K
Geocode Address 1K 10K 100K
Geocode Reverse 1K 10K 100K
Host Reputation 500 5K 25K
HTML Clean 1K 10K 100K
HTML Render 100 1K 10K
Image Resize 100 1K 10K
Image Watermark 100 1K 10K
IP Blocklist 10K 100K 1M
IP Info 10K 100K 1M
IP Probe 1K 10K 100K
Phone Validate 10K 100K 1M
QR Code 100 1K 10K
UA Lookup 10K 100K 1M
URL Info 1K 10K 100K

Telephony Pricing

Rates for APIs that use SMS or make phone calls
Type Rate / per call
from $0.0070
All Rates
from $0.0070
All Rates
from $0.0200
All Rates


Do you offer a free or test account?
Yes! We provide 100% free accounts which include a limited number of daily requests and no expiry date. Depending on the specific API you can make around 10-50 requests per day on the free plan. Sign up to get started.
What happens if I hit the daily limit for an API?
If your account has overage enabled then we just bill you for any extra requests using our on-demand rates. For accounts without overage enabled we do allow some temporary bursting above a percentage of your plan limit after which you will receive error code 02.
Does my plan give me access to all the different APIs?
Yes! You can use any (or all) of the APIs.
When does my daily limit get refreshed?
Daily quotas are based on a 24 hour time-to-live starting at the time of your first request. For example if your first request of the day is at 7AM then your quota will refresh at 7AM the following day.
What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, PayPal (with or without a PayPal account), Wire Transfer (SWIFT) and Bitcoin. If you need to use the Telephony APIs or enable on-demand billing then the only payment methods currently supported are Visa, Mastercard or SWIFT.
What kind of support is provided?
All paid accounts get access to 24/7 online technical support free of charge.
How does multicloud work?
If you connect to our default endpoint URL mutlticloud works automatically using IP Anycast. You can also connect directly to specific cloud provider backbone networks.
Can you offer API servers in specific data centers?
Yes! If we don't currently support your cloud or data center region we can offer this service on a custom plan. Contact us to get a quote or find out about what providers and locations we can support.