API Plans

Select a currency
Free Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Cost / per month Free 10 USD 50 USD 250 USD
Max Throughput 1 / s 5 / s 25 / s 100 / s
Batch Processing Enabled Enabled
Cloud Agnostic Enabled


Max Throughput: 1 / s
Batch Processing: No

Tier 1

10 USD
per month
Max Throughput: 5 / s
Batch Processing: No

Tier 2

50 USD
per month
Max Throughput: 25 / s
Batch Processing: Yes

Tier 3

250 USD
per month
Max Throughput: 100 / s
Batch Processing: Yes

Daily Limits

Maximum number of API requests you can make per day
FreeTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Data Tools
Email Validate5010K100K1M
Phone Validate5010K100K1M
User‑Agent Info5010K100K1M
Bad Word Filter5010K100K1M
Browser Bot101001K10K
HTML Clean101K10K100K
URL Info101K10K100K
IP Info5010K100K1M
Geocode Address251K10K100K
Geocode Reverse251K10K100K
Security & Networking
Email Verify105005K25K
IP Probe251K10K100K
IP Blocklist5010K100K1M
Host Reputation105005K25K
BIN Lookup101K10K100K
HTML5 Render101001K10K
Image Resize101001K10K
Image Watermark101001K10K
QR Code101001K10K

Telephony Pricing

Cost for the telephony based APIs
Cost / per request
HLR Lookups
from 0.0100 USD
SMS Messages
from 0.0070 USD
Phone Calls
from 0.0200 USD


Does my plan give me access to all the different APIs?
Yes! You can use any (or all) of the APIs each up to their respective daily limits.
What happens if I hit the daily limit for an API?
If you are on the free tier, you will receive an error code. If you are a paying customer, when you reach your daily limit we don't do anything right away. If you need more requests on a given day we usually allow this over a certain percentage of your plan limit.
What if I need a plan which has different daily limits?
No problem! We can create custom plans to fit any requirement or budget. Contact us to set one up.
What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Wire Transfer (SWIFT) and Bitcoin. If you need to use the Telephony APIs (HLR, SMS, Voice) the only payment method currently accepted for these APIs is credit card (Visa or Mastercard).
How long can I use the free plan for?