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SDKs - Software Development Kits

Download the latest official Neutrino API SDK source code.

These SDKs feature:
Name Description Platform Version Dependencies GitHub Repo Download
C# Native C# client using the native HTTP client >= 3.1 No neutrino-api-client-csharp v4.6.13
Go Native Go client using the native HTTP client >= 1.11 No neutrino-api-client-go v4.6.13
Java Apache Java client using the Apache HTTP client and Gson JSON library >= 11 Yes neutrino-api-client-apache v4.6.13
Java OkHttp Java client using the OkHttp client and Gson JSON library >= 11 Yes neutrino-api-client-okhttp v4.6.13
Node Axios Node client using the Axios HTTP client >= 10 Yes neutrino-api-client-axios v4.6.13
Node Native H2 Node client using the native HTTP/2 client >= 10 No neutrino-api-client-http2 v4.6.13
Node Native Node client using the native HTTP client >= 10 No neutrino-api-client-node v4.6.13
PHP cURL PHP client using the libcURL extension >= 7 No neutrino-api-client-libcurl v4.6.13
Python Requests Python client using the requests HTTP client >= 3 Yes neutrino-api-client-requests v4.6.13
Python Native Python client using native urllib HTTP client >= 3 No neutrino-api-client-urllib v4.6.13
Rust Reqwest Rust client using the Reqwest HTTP client and Serde JSON library >= 1.41 Yes neutrino-api-client-reqwest v4.6.13


We also provide auto-generated SDKs from APIMATIC. You can download these from our API portal: